Radical Audience Insights

Pivoting from data management efficiencies to data science proficiencies

The RSG Audience Platform is a cloud-based AI decision making platform for media companies that enables data decoding that surfaces radical insights across their content, advertising, and marketing inventories.


Data Driven Tools That Captivate, Inform and Inspire

The media landscape is constantly evolving, with audiences becoming more fragmented and viewing platforms multiplying. As a result, the competition to attract and retain viewers has intensified, making it more important than ever to understand and cater to their personalized content and experiences.

Dynamic, Interactive Reporting & Analytics

The Audience Analytics platform boasts a robust analytics suite that democratizes data and provides dynamic reporting and insights to Ad Sales Executives, Marketers, Programmers and Researchers.

Deep Audience Insights

The Audience Analytics platform features a dynamic research portal to visualize audience migrations and viewership trends that enable data driven decision making. The platform automates the gathering of this data, so you can spend your time making the impactful decisions.

Award Winning Predictive Analytics

The Audience Analytics platform uses machine learning and artificial intelligence based algorithms to accurately predict program ratings, commercial delivery and universe estimates. This provides everyone in your company with the industry’s most accurate forecasts and behavioral insights on the fly.

Award Winning Optimizers for Media

Our schedule optimization algorithms help media companies maximize their ratings and revenue by attracting and retaining viewers naturally, while efficiently planning and running marketing campaigns. Our algorithms also help reduce advertising under and over-delivery with frees up valuable inventory.

Faced with increasingly complex challenges in today’s rapidly changing TV Viewing landscape, media companies require new tools to compete in the future of television.

M&E executives have turned to the RSG Audience platform to quickly pivot from Data Management efficiencies to Data Science proficiencies.

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Maximize Your Ratings

A comprehensive solution for program schedulers and researchers. Always stay up to date with audience data that is updated in minutes from 50+ leading industry data sources.

In today’s fiercely competitive media landscape, broadcast and cable networks face declining profits as the competition for viewer ratings grows stronger. Scoop TM offers a comprehensive solution for decoding viewing data and unlocking audience-based insights, providing a one-stop-shop for building the most competitive TV schedules. Take advantage of the latest advancements in AI/ML and stay ahead in the battle for ratings with Scoop TM.

Dynamic Dashboards

Multi network and network group dashboards rank how networks have performed across a rolling 13-week period via interactive tiles. This allows you to determine the weekly and daily drives for each week or day.

Interactive Scheduling Grids

Performance metrics are displayed in dynamic grids and heatmaps. These allow you to asses the strengthes and weaknesses of your programming line as compared to your competitors. The grids can be displayed in daily, weekly and dual views.

Audience Behavior Assessment

The analytics suite allows programmers and researchers to visualize the migration of audiences. These tools build advanced audience segments that allow you to track duplication and understand what else those audiences are watching.

Award Winning Predictive Analytics

Scoop has been recognized for the ability to parse out the metrics that significantly impact network and program ratings. The KPIs allow you to build the most optimal TV schedules.

Optimize Your Marketing Platform

The competition is increasing across the media landscape. This means that television marketers need to utilize a more scientific and tactical approach to their programming promotion.

In today’s hyper-competitive media environment, TV Marketers need to maximize promo efficiency and effectiveness through RSG Audience’s Media Planning & Scheduling Optimization Platform.

Editable Multi Network Campaign Planning

Apply Reach-Based or GRP-Based Campaign Goals, Targets and Scheduling Constraints for Season, Episodic and Sustaining Campaigns

Dynamic Reporting and Analytics

Prophet’s Analytics Suite tracks In-Flight and Historic Campaign Performance to best determine campaign effectiveness and identify campaign behavior to better target future promos for greater conversion.

Optimized Daily Log Scheduling

Optimize promo inventories by using award winning machine learning algorithms in Prophet. This will allow you to utilize the least inventory required to meet your campaign goals by building the optimal schedule for Linear and Secondary (graphics) marketing materials and events.

Integrated Media Planning & Scheduling

Prophet’s Materials Management Module supports flexible import of marketing materials from third party platform (including Traffic Systems) and features a Manual Log Editor to support real time validations and seamless delivery to BMS platforms.


ML/AI Based Schedule Optimization

Machine Learning optimizers generate audience growth, build organic audience flow from program to program within dayparts, and create competitive schedules to grab and hold audiences from competitors.


Manage your complete ad sales lifecycle

From the initial strategic planning and scheduling through to the stewardship and reporting, Advant helps you optimize the delivery of your ads across your network.

Linear and Digital Prospecting

Identify targets that are underperforming on your competitors’ networks that will naturally align with your network’s high performing metrics.

Selling Analytics

Provide a clear, data-based value proposition for each advertiser based on their desired primary and secondary targets.

Pricing and Planning

Build deal plans and manage inventory that maximize the delivery for each advertiser while retaining valuable inventory for sales to use with other advertisers.

Live Deal Maximization

Provide ongoing unit move suggestions for cash, Audience Deficiency Unit (ADU) and Direct Response (DR). This allows you to continually keep your inventory in an optimized state.

Log Optimization

Reschedule daily logs to optimize the guaranteed delivery of each unit and minimize impression leakage.

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