Diversity, Equity
and Inclusion Policy

RSG Media is driven to create and maintain a culture and environment of diversity, equity and inclusion. For that aim, we’ve put together our DE&I Policy that covers our commitment to fostering and preserving a culture where everybody feels welcomed and supported.

Since RSG Media is committed to continuous improvement, we will regularly revisit and update this policy to ensure it evolves to reflect regulatory changes and our ongoing efforts.


RSG Media is dedicated to honoring and celebrating our employees for who they are. Our people are our greatest capital, and we are proud of our employees’ differences. We respect differences in age, color, disability, ethnicity, gender identity, language, national origin, physical and mental ability, political affiliation, race, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, and other characteristics that make our employees unique. We also value diversity in personality, life and work experience, skills, and ways of thinking.

Our aim is to ensure that our business policies, procedures, and behaviors promote diversity, equity and inclusion and create an environment that value individual differences.


Diversity is the collective mixture of unique characteristics, values, beliefs, experiences, backgrounds, preferences, and behaviors we each possess.

Equity is recognizing each person has different circumstances and allocating the resources and opportunities needed to ensure all reach equal outcomes.  (Whereas equality means each individual or group of people is given the same resources or opportunities.)

Inclusion is an environment in which all individuals are treated fairly and respectfully and have equal access and opportunity.


  • A workplace which is free from discrimination, harassment, and bullying.
  • Treating all employees with respect.
  • A workplace culture that is inclusive and embraces individual differences.
  • Equal employment opportunities based on ability, performance, and potential.
  • Flexible work practices and policies to support employees
    and their changing needs.
  • Attraction, retention, and development of a diverse range of talented people.
  • Equitable framework policies, processes and practices that limit
    potential unconscious bias.
  • Increase employees’ awareness and education in diversity, equity and inclusion
    through regular training, communication, policies, and programs.

Areas of Impact

RSG Media’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion extends through all operations and business units of the company including:

  • Recruitment & Hiring – removing bias from job descriptions, defining objective hiring criteria, maintaining the standards of being an Equal Opportunity Employer and networking with sources of diverse talent.
  • Evaluation, Advancement & Compensation – using standardized evaluation cycles and forms that center around concrete and objective criteria, giving managers adequate time to do their evaluations and training managers on how to provide concrete and objective feedback.
  • Flexibility – offering flexible work arrangements.
  • Welfare & Care – providing welfare and care programs.
  • Harassment – training our people on what constitutes harassment.

Manager Responsibilities

All managers within RSG Media have a responsibility to create and maintain a work environment free of discrimination and harassment. Managers must promptly complete any assigned trainings and ensure their team members to do the same. Managers must report any claim of discrimination or harassment they witness or reported to them. Managers, with the participation and assistance of members of RSG Media’s HR team, shall conduct thorough investigations of any discrimination complaints that are brought forward by anyone.

Employee Responsibilities

All employees of RSG Media have a responsibility to always treat others with dignity and respect. The expectation of all employees is to exhibit conduct that reflects inclusion during work, at work functions whether on or off the work site, and at all other company-sponsored and participative events. Every employee at RSG Media is responsible for:

  • Respecting the dignity and diversity of all people.
  • Creating an inclusive environment that is free from discrimination, harassment,
    and bullying.
  • Focusing on conscious inclusion to be more intentional with their actions
    to drive diversity, equity and belonging.
  • Reviewing all company policies.
  • Completing all required trainings.
  • Reporting any observed violation of RSG Media policies.

HR Management Responsibilities

RSG Media’s Human Capital Management and Resources (“HR”) team is responsible for preparing and implementing this Policy and any related processes impacting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion including arranging training.  The HR team shall also, with the participation and assistance of members of RSG Media’s management team, help employees to enhance their awareness of potential unconscious bias and provide guidance on how that might hinder their ability to be more inclusive and collaborative with one another. Conduct timely investigations of any discrimination complaints brought forward by anyone.


Any employee found to have exhibited any inappropriate conduct or behavior against others may be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.


Questions regarding the interpretations of this policy shall be directed to your supervisor or an HR representative.

Employees who believe they have experienced any kind of discrimination that conflicts with the company’s diversity policy and initiatives should seek assistance from a supervisor and a HR representative.

Supporting Policies and Programs

  • Employee Handbook
  • ESG Policy
  • Training
  • Anti-harassment
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Diversity and Inclusion

For any questions related to this or other policies, please contact hr@navigaglobal.com

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