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Enterprise Rights Management

Maximizing the value of your IP from buying, selling
and managing your rights in real time with RSG Media

In an increasingly competitive and complex environment, are you fully leveraging technology to manage and monetize your rights?  

Support the Management & Monetization
of the Content & IP Value Chain

As new content distribution models emerge, Media and Entertainment industry leaders race to grow their share of the market. However, they struggle to maximize the monetization of their content due to lack of real time business data analytics. RightsLogic supports a key strategic imperative for industry leaders: leverage all available properties to the maximum potential across all distribution platforms (TV, PC, mobile, and tablet) in order to expand market share.

Centralized Management of Rights

Efficiently allow all stakeholders to share a common “truth” across workflows to allow for improved communication and decision making.

Multi-dimensional Management of Rights

Accurately capture rights across 10+ dimensions including media, territory, networks, platforms, devices, and venues.

Management Support for Multiple Asset Types

Seamlessly support both hierarchical assets like series, and season; as well as non-hierarchical assets like movies, and talent.

Real-time Avails Catalogue

Identify content available for use or sale: what media assets you own; how, when and where you can use them.

“Our executives saw it as a retooling of the infrastructure. We told them that, if we didn’t make the investment (in upgrading the manual system) we’d be paying for a larger and larger share of the operations budget” 

IT Director

The industry’s gold standard for rights management across content owners, distributors, gaming companies, IP licensors, and major sports leagues.

The platform is an end-to-end content life cycle management solution.

Asset Maintenance

Maintain a comprehensive inventory database and provide the entry point for properties in the RSG Rights platform.

Rights In

Capture and manage all acquired, commissioned or original programming contractual rights, financials and other deal terms.

Rights Out

Track and manage the entire process of licensing or distributing your properties through 3rd parties.


Manage your program sales team with seamless integration to critical aspects of Right In and Rights Out deals.

Clearance & Avails Engines

Take charge of your information by quickly identifying content available for use or sale and determine the best methods to monetize them.

Faster collections, automated royalty calculations, and quicker, more accurate accounting close

Grow content ROI by better managing royalties, guarantees, budgeting & forecasting, amortization, and cash-flow.

Acquisition Finance

Automate financial processing for Rights In deals, including the settlement of amortization schedules for content from various models, and the calculation of royalty payments for content providers.

Distribution Finance

Automate full sub-ledger accounting using a configurable accounting rules engine that includes revenue and royalties processing, invoice approvals, guarantee shortfall analysis and cash application.


Compute profit sharing to party/talent from revenue earned via backend participations. RSG Finance simplifies this process with a dynamic calculation engine.


Automate talent payment calculations and processing. Manage complex guild payment rules while decreasing effort, cost and risk of errors.

A multi-faceted planning tool for teams, that enables Programming & Scheduling

Plan schedules over multiple linear, non-linear and digital channels with full circle validation against rights and other non-contractual business rules.

Linear Planning

Create program plans and schedules for your linear channels. Fully Integrated with our Rights In and Acquisition Finance modules.

Non Linear Planning

Manage plans and schedules for VOD and OTT platforms including TVOD, EST, SVOD, AVOD and FVOD.

Why RSG?

The world’s leading media companies trust RSG Media to help them overcome critical technical and business challenges.

A Lightweight SaaS offering which enables our small to Medium sized customers to leverage our core RSG Rights functionality.

Lower Your TCO

Drastically reduce the infrastructure cost by onboarding base users to this multi-tenant offering.

Avails As a Service

It is cloud based, stand-alone, and built to connect with every major source of rights data, including homegrown systems, Excel, and RSG Rights

Integrated Rights & Royalties Management

Rights Essential helps you expand your financial solution by onboarding our microservice based finance module which includes Distribution finance, Backend Participation and MVPD Finance (Coming soon).

Scaled Micro-Service Architecture

The Rights Essentials Microservices Architecture allows you to easily cherry pick, adopt and integrate with standalone Rights, Finance and Scheduling modules.


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