An integrated Rights Management & Finance Solution for Media

Micro-Services Architecture

RSG Finance is built on our V4 Architecture using a scalable and de-coupled set of Financial modules using microservices architecture. These include Amortization, Revenue Sharing, Royalties Management, Participations, Guild Payment, Talent Payments and much more.  

A True Integrated Subledger

RSG Finance is SOX Compliant subledger that easily integrates with general ledger systems like SAP, Oracle, Peoplesoft, Workday, JD Edwards and more. RSG finance features finance controls before posting transactions to Ledger systems, automated reconciliation and auditable reports for user actions.

Enterprise Media Finance

Our integrated Rights & Finance platform is an end-to-end content lifecycle management solution supporting the acquisition, production, commission and licensing of content financing.

RSG Finance

Supports the management and monetization of the Content & IP Value Chain.

Enterprise Media Finance At Scale

With RSG Finance, Media Companies can benefit from faster collections, automated royalty calculations, and quicker, more accurate accounting close. Grow content ROI by better managing royalties, guarantees, budgeting & forecasting, amortization, and cashflow.

Acquisition Finance

Automates Financial Processing for Rights In deals, including setting amortization schedules for content from a variety of models, and calculating royalty payments for content providers.

Distribution Finance 

Automates full sub-ledger accounting using a configurable Accounting rules engine which includes revenue and royalties processing, Invoice Approvals, guarantee shortfall analysis, and cash application. 


Dynamic and complex calculation engine to compute profit sharing to party/talent from revenue earned aka backend participation.


Automates talent payment calculations and processing. Manages complex guild payment rules while decreasing effort, cost, and risk of errors. 


In Acquisitions, Production and Licensing Revenues Managed


IP & Assets Managed

Licensing Extranet

RSG Finance’s Extranet allows Licensors and Licensee to interact in real-time reducing deduplicating data entry and automating information transfer between you and your customers optimizes efficiency and improves communication.

The Extranet lets 3rd party licensees and content partners view their payment history, download invoices, submit deliverables including royalty statements and update their own contact information.


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