Optimize Marketing Inventories using Machine Learning Algorithms

With traditional TV viewing declining, the need for behavioral based targeting to increase promo effectiveness has never been greater.

Prophet, the Promo Platform from RSG, optimizes Marketing Plans and Schedules for TV Networks.

Editable Multi-Network Campaign Planning

Reach-based or GRP-based campaign goal application for targets and scheduling constraints for seasonal, episodic or sustaining campaigns.

Optimized Daily Log Scheduling

Award-winning machine learning algorithms optimize promo inventories utilizing the least inventory to meet your campaign goals.

Dynamic Reporting and Analytics

Prophet’s Analytics Suite tracks in-flight and historic campaign performance to recommend effective targeting for future campaigns.

Integrated Media Planning & Scheduling

Materials management module supports import of marketing materials from third party systems and supports real time validations and delivery to BMS platforms.

ML/AI Based Forecasting

Machine Learning algorithms parse out KPIs that significantly impact Network & Program ratings to generate highly accurate and automated audience estimates.

Optimized Campaigns for All Channels

RSG Audience’s Prophet is a media planning & scheduling platform to maximize promo efficiency and effectiveness. The platform is a one stop shop for planners, schedulers, research and broadcast operation teams to steward and optimize their marketing inventory.

Targeted Inventory Management

Prophet’s advanced targeting optimization engine utilizes the least inventory to meet your campaign goals enabling freed up spots to be allocated to underperforming campaigns or used to sell commercials.  

ML-Driven Planning

To support marketing teams’ strategic goals, our platform identifies the right viewers across networks by ML guided planning to predict future viewership and boost campaign conversion.  

In-depth Conversion Analysis 

Prophet tracks actual viewer behavior to better target future promos and identify how programs and dayparts create actual conversions for individual campaigns.  

Active Daily Campaign Tracking

Prophet allows business users to adjust campaigns in mid-flight in real-time to improve campaign performance and minimize wastage.   


Create Campaigns


Plan Quarterly Maps


Optimise Daily Schedule


Measure Campaigns

  • Primary Network
  • Set Reach / Frequency /
    Segmentation Targets
  • Campaign Flight Dates
  • Assign Priorities
  • Primary and Siste
    Net Campaigns
  • Adjust Reach / GRP Targets
  • Optimize all Campaigns vs
    Primary Demo Inventory
  • Program Propensity Targeting
  • ML Model used to predict
  • Override Daily Targets
  • Create Scenarios
  • Log Editor to make additions
    to Optimised Daily Log
  • Finalize & Export Log to
    Broadcast Ops
  • Track ongoing Campaigns
  • Measure vs Targets or
    other Segments
  • Provide Feedback
    to Planning
  • Assign Priorities

Active users across planning, scheduling, research and broadcast operations


Accuracy in predicting future promo impressions via ML and predictive algorithms


Inventory saved by optimal placement of promos within the network


Primary and graphic promos optimized/scheduled across a cable network (Per year)


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