Applying Advanced Mathematics & AI to maximize Ad Revenue

RSG Audience’s AdVant platform provides Networks & Publishers a strategic and competitive advantage through optimized prospecting, sales targeting, pricing, planning and commercial scheduling.

Seamless, Fully Integrated Solution

The Advant Suite provides the tools and analytics that prioritize revenue across the lifecycle of a deal. AdVant’s flexibilty includes being able to integrate with traffic systems.

ML-Driven Audience Forecasting

Anticipating even the smallest variances in audience enables ad sales teams to enhance how they build deals, sell airtime and place spots on the log. AdVant provides visibility to those variances.

Award-Winning Yield Optimization Algorithms

AdVant supports our clients’ strategic needs to optimize proposals, flighting and logs while significantly lowering liabilities. AdVant has been recognized by multiple industry experts to fulfill these goals.


Accuracy in predicting future promo impressions using machine learning predictive algorithms.

Optimize Ad Sales, Schedules and Proposals

AdVant is a suite of yield optimization modules that significantly lowers liabilities, while generating new ad revenues for networks and publishers. It uses advanced mathematics to optimize proposals, flighting, and logs.

Linear & Digital Prospecting 

Identify targets underperforming on competitive networks that will naturally align with your networks’ high performing metrics.

Selling Analytics

Provide a clear, data-based value proposition for each advertiser based on their desired primary and secondary targets.

Pricing & Planning

Build Deal Plans and Manage Inventory to maximize delivery for each advertiser while retaining valuable inventory for sales. 

Live Deal Maximization

Provide ongoing unit move suggestions for cash, ADU and DR to continually keep inventory in an optimized state.

Log Optimization

Reschedule daily logs to optimize the guaranteed delivery of each unit and minimize impression leakage.

Advant Ecosystem

RSG Media designed the Advant Suite to work with your entire ad sales process and existing systems. Based on each networks’s requirements, customers can select the modules that will have the greatest impact.


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