About RSG

We are a global leader in delivering software and services that help the world’s largest and most successful media companies maximize revenues from their content, advertising and marketing inventories.

A Little About RSG

Since 1985, the world’s leading media & entertainment companies have been leveraging RSG Media’s expertise to maximize revenues from their content, advertising, and marketing inventories.

  • RightsLogic the industry’s gold standard for rights management supporting content owners and distributors, gaming companies, IP licensors, and major sports leagues. RightsLogic is an end-to-end content life cycle management solution  supporting the acquisition, production, licensing, planning, scheduling and financials around content management.

  • AdVant is a suite of yield optimization solutions that significantly lower liabilities, while generating new ad revenues for cable & broadcast networks. It uses advanced mathematics to optimize proposals, flighting, and logs.

  • Media Mantra lets executives turn opportunities into reality.  It lets them easily analyze both structured and unstructured data from a broad range of sources to optimize content, promo, and ad inventories through data science.

RSG Media’s products are available on-premise and as software-as-a-service (SaaS) hosted services. RSG Media is headquartered in New York with offices in London, Los Angeles and India.

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Our Vision Meets Your Reality


Always on the forefront of the industry, RSG stays on top of trends and technologies to continuously evolve its solutions in anticipation of customer needs.


As the leading business solutions provider to the Media & Entertainment industry, RSG always takes a logical approach to assessing our clients needs.


RSG is renowned for its technical expertise and groundbreaking development work. It is on the cutting-edge of advances in operations research, yield optimization, predictive analytics, and sophisticated reporting for all matters related to content rights and royalties, and ad sales.

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