Why RSG?

Content is your largest cost. Are you getting as much value from it as you could? How well are you managing it?

Broadcasters & Networks

  • Are you using all your avails?
  • Do you your Programming and Sales teams know what avails you have to use where, when, and how?
  • Will you make sure to use them before they expire?

RightsLogic gives you the tools you need to squeeze the most value out of your content investment and the detailed information and analytics you need to drive higher margins.


  • Do you know exactly where you can use every piece of content you have, whether commissioned or acquired?
  • What are your rights? Restrictions? Obligations?
  • Are you meeting your playout requirements?

RightsLogic is designed to get the most out of your content, today and into the future as your business changes. Our platform ensures that all key people know your up-to-date rights, restrictions, and obligations.

Studios & Content Distributors

  • Do you understand all of the deals you’ve done?
  • What are the potential conflict issues?
  • What are the most profitable opportunities for future sales?

You need to capture and automate all the complex business rules surrounding Rights. And you need detailed analytics and reporting so that you can “move the needle”. Most importantly, you need a future-proofed system that evolves as fast as the media industry.

Brand Licensors

  • Are you still trying to run your business with spreadsheets and a contract management system?
  • Do you have automation and a solid audit trail?
  • Does your system understand the unique requirements around NFTs and virtual IP?

RightsLogic helps you create better deals and more revenue. We support every type of content, consumer products, digital platform, interactive live event, and business model you might need.

Video on Demand (VOD): Direct to Consumer (D2C), Streaming, and OTT

  • Are you pricing your VOD packages correctly?
  • Are you leaving money on the table because you are only following the suggested retail price?
  • Are your suppliers complying with all their deal terms?
  • Does content meet all the negotiated requirements?

Clearing content for streaming is a complex formula of territory, content, customer’s package, and more. RightsLogic clears content. Now the right content can flow to the right viewers on the right platforms.

Broadcasters & Networks

Your mission is to grow your audience by keeping your current viewers and attracting new ones. The answer is in all that viewer data you have. The challenge is to make sense out of the data and discern with confidence how schedule changes — from a single program to a whole block — will affect viewership; to determine which new content to acquire.

Audience Analytics is backed by actual data not your best guess. The success of the network depends on you getting it right.


Delivering ad campaigns incorrectly can cost you millions. Under-deliver and the make-goods eat into your profits; over-deliver and you leave money on the table. Either way, you lose precious inventory. Delivering the perfect volume and hitting every campaign commitment is difficult. Even harder still is figuring out how to optimize inventory and profit, balancing high-value and low-value spots.

Audience Analytics uses AI and machine learning algorithms to deliver the highest yield on ad inventory.

Video on Demand (VOD): Direct to Consumer (D2C), Streaming, and OTT

What shows will keep your audience coming back again and again? It’s not just the latest blockbusters and high-cost shows. You need the right mix, which means that you need to understand your audience and their behaviors. You need to know how different content performs on different platforms.

Audience Analytics helps you identify and take advantage of audience behaviors. It analyzes cross-platform performance to let you know which content does well where. Our promo tools help target who is persuadable and how to entice them. We can even help you select the most performant content to attract the right audience at the right price.

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