All your planning and scheduling tasks into one seamless platform

Our advanced system offers unparalleled accuracy and customization options, ensuring that you can create schedules that perfectly align with your business goals.

Micro-Services Architecture

RSG Scheduling is built on our V4 Architecture using a scalable and decoupled set of modules using microservices architecture, allowing customers to quickly adopt the product, integrate seamlessly and ensure business value to their users. 

Integrated Rights, Finance and Scheduling

Fully integrated with Rights In and Rights In Finance modules for validating against your media exhibition rights and restrictions, triggering play-based amortization, tracking content commitments, automated windowing and much more.

Enterprise Content Planning & Scheduling

RSG Scheduling is a multi-faceted planning tool that enables Programming & Scheduling teams to plan schedules over multiple linear, non-linear and digital channels with full circle validation against rights and other non-contractual business rules.

Integrated Linear Planning

Create program plans for your linear channels. Fully Integrated with our Rights In and Acquisition Finance modules. 

Integrated Non-Linear Planning

RSG Scheduling tracks reception and delivery of your non-linear content for your own or third party platforms. RSG scheduling manages schedules for VOD & OTT platforms based on multiple business models including TVOD, EST, SVOD, AVOD, FVOD and more.

Dynamic Linear Scheduling

Create nuanced linear program schedules through easy to use productivity tools and rights windowing automation that seamlessly outputs to third-party traffic systems.

Automated Non-Linear Scheduling

Publish schedules and rights window availability through our dynamic and scalable Microservices Architecture.


Non-Linear Platforms Supported


Global Markets Served for Enterprise Program Planning & Scheduling


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