Decode Data for Radical Audience Insights

In recent years, the competition for viewer ratings has intensified and the revenues of the major networks have not kept pace with the costs of the programs. As profit margins decrease, the broadcast & cable networks seek to improve their viewer ratings with innovative scheduling strategies.

Dynamic, Interactive Reporting & Analytics

Automates the daily content, audience insights and market trends schedulers & researchers require.

Develop Deep Audience-Based Insights

Provides traditional performance tracking reports for your day-to-day business while layering in audience profiles and insights from dynamic viewing behaviors.

Decision-Making Support through ML/AI

Our award-winning models use machine learning-based algorithms to give everyone in your company the industry’s most accurate forecasts.

Faced with increasingly complex challenges in today’s rapidly changing TV Viewing landscape, media companies require new tools to compete in the future of television.

M&E executives have turned to the RSG Audience platform to quickly pivot from Data Management efficiencies to Data Science proficiencies.

Shiv Sehgal

Shiv Sehgal

EVP of Audience/Analytics | RSG Media

Get the latest scoop on TV Viewers

The Programming Research Portal ‘Scoop’ provides a one-stop-shop for Program Schedulers and Researchers to decode viewing data for radical audience-based insights and leverage the latest advancements in ML/AI to build the most competitive TV Schedules.

Dynamic Dashboards 

Multi-Network and Network Group Dashboards rank how networks have performed across a rolling 13-week period via interactive tiles that determine weekly and daily drives for each week/day.  

Interactive Scheduling Grids 

Assesses strength and weaknesses of your Programming Line ups and Competitors through dynamic Daily, Weekly & Dual Heatmaps utilizing all Programming Performance Metrics.

Deep Insights Into Audience Behaviors 

The Analytics Suite allows Programmers & Researchers to visualize the migration of audiences and provides the tools to build advanced audience segments to track their duplication to see what else those audiences watch.  

Award Winning Predictive Analytics

Parse out KPIs that significantly impact Network & Program Ratings to build the most optimal TV Schedules. Insights all you to create competitive schedules to grab and hold audiences from competitors. 


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Accuracy In Predicting Program Ratings


Increase of Revenues Annual Through Reducing or Optimizing Programming Budgets


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