Enterprise Rights Management Platform

RSG Rights maximizes the value of your IP through an end-to-end content lifecycle management solution that supports how you buy, sell and manage your rights in real-time.

Micro-Services Architecture

RSG Rights V4 is built using microservices architecture, allowing customers to quickly adopt the product’s modules, integrate seamlessly and ensure business value to their users.

Centralized Management of Rights

All stakeholders share a common “truth” across workflows, thus improving communication and decision making.

Real-Time Avails Catalogue

Identify content available for use or sale: what media assets you own; how, when and where you can use them.

Organizations are transforming into IP Companies to unlock value. New business models demands new ways to take control of the IP Portfolio. 

With the correct tools, the new complexity can be turned into revenue growth.

Intelligent IP Portfolio Management

RSG Rights is the worlds’ most comprehensive real-time system for unlocking the full value of your IP Asset Portfolio. It helps you exploit every element of your IP across every rights dimension.

Asset Maintenance 

Properties and their relationships to each other, whether they are television programming, games, films, logos, images or music, must be pristinely managed to enable sophisticated rights management. RSG Rights maintains a comprehensive inventory for your assets and properties including support for hierarchical and non-hierarchical assets. 

Rights In

Capture and manage all acquired, commissioned or original programming contractual rights, financials and other deal terms. 

Rights Out

Track and manage the entire process of licensing or distributing your properties through 3rd parties. 


Manage your program sales force with seamless integration to critical aspects of Rights In and Rights Out deals. 

Clearance & Avails Engine

Take charge of your information with the most sophisticated reporting of any system on the market. Quickly identify content available for use or sale and determine the best method to monetize them. 


Global Markets Served


Over $100 Billion+ In Assets Managed


IP & Assets Managed

RSG Rights Features iCon

Automated Intelligent Contract Interpretation

Hybrid human / Machine learning approach

Benefits of our approach


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