Environmental, Social
and Governance Policy

At RSG Media, we believe it is the company’s responsibility to make sure we are a platform for change for all RSG Media stakeholders (including its employees, customers and partners), the communities in which we live and work and the environment as a whole. Through our global commitments and the policies set forth here, we’ve set high levels of environmental, social and governance standards for our business and will continue to look for opportunities to innovate and lead in these areas.

Since RSG Media is committed to continuous improvement, we will regularly revisit and update this policy to ensure it evolves with changes with both industry demands and regulations and our efforts.

Policy Overview


RSG Media will contribute to systemic change through the company’s leadership, policy and participation. We will strive to build a sustainable, equitable, healthy, and diverse set of companies through a combination of environmental, social and governance performance goals.


Our corporate sustainability committee oversees our policies and operational controls for environmental and social responsibility and is led by our chief financial officer. The committee meets regularly to set goals, budget and monitor progress and results. We will provide regular reporting to our organization and report on our ESG metrics to our Board of Directors on a quarterly basis.

Environmental Stewardship

We believe, as a company, that we have a responsibility to minimize our energy consumption and carbon footprint. We will strive to reduce our environmental impact across all of our corporate activities.


  • Design, build and maintain energy and resource
    efficient hosting environments
  • Work with our infrastructure partners to minimize
    the environmental impact of our hosting environments


  • Source healthy materials that increase health benefits
    and reduce environmental impact
  • Adopt sustainability policies for our offices


  • Work to make our events more sustainable and inspire
    our attendees to do the same
  • Encourage vendors to provide sustainability solutions
  • Reduce nonessential business travel


  • Secure energy-efficient IT equipment
  • Use sustainable and heathy office products

Social Responsibility

RSG Media is committed to social responsibility and believe people are the most important asset of our business. We strive to create an outstanding work culture and working environment.


  • Offer competitive compensation and benefits
  • Foster professional growth for employees
    at all levels of the organization


  • Create an environment that values innovation and collaboration
  • Encourage an “open door policy”
  • Hold periodic employee appreciation events
  • Promote honesty, integrity, fairness and respect in
    all business practices



  • Ensure diversity is valued
  • Create equal opportunities for all
  • Seek to maintain a positive workplace, free from
    discrimination and harassment
  • Encourage a culture where employees are treated fairly
    and feel valued
  • Regularly evaluate our approach to fostering diversity



  • Educate our employees about environmental issues, policies,
    and initiatives
  • Provide opportunities for philanthropy through our
    Community and Social Empowerment Policy

Governance and Accountability

RSG Media seeks to ensure our corporate governance complies with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and policies. We believe in holding ourselves accountable to our ESG commitments.


  • Establish ESG governance guidelines outlining key principles and rules
  • Provide oversight to ensure employees understand and adhere to our ESG policy
  • Provide an anonymous method of reporting suspected compliance violations,
    unlawful or unethical behavior or fraud


  • Ensure employees conduct themselves in accordance with high moral and ethical standards
    as published in the code of ethics section of our US and EMEA/Global Employee Handbooks
  • Commit to ensuring a fair and safe workplace for all employees
  • Maintain policies and trainings to protect against unlawful discrimination and harassment
  • Ensure policies reflect a dedication to the preservation of basic rights and human dignity

For any questions related to this or other policies, please contact hr@navigaglobal.com

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