2021-08-25 RSG Media

Driving The Digital Wave

RSG Media continues to push the media & entertainment industry to innovate.

Authors: Xuhong Fang, Nisreen Ghogawala 


RSG Media, acquired by Naviga Global in April 2021, has been one of the driving forces within the media & entertainment industry via its three main products: RSG Rights, RSG Audience, and RSG Advertising. These products automate business processes and help clients maximize their revenue.  

The market is booming. At the end of 2020, there were nearly 300 OTT (Over the Top) services in the U.S. market and a 48% growth in streaming subscriptions in Q3 2020 vs Q4 2020. According to Mordor Intelligence, the OTT market was valued at $101 billion in 2020 and expected to reach $223 billion by 2026. Additionally, there is immense opportunity in licensing content as it makes up most of the SVOD (Subscription Video-On-Demand) streaming services. 

RSG Media has developed highly advanced products for the explosive demand in digital content. RSG’s three products each provide industry solutions that allow their clients to adapt to the rise in content and maximize revenue. 

RSG Rights:  

RSG Rights is an automatic rights management system that can organize content strategy and consumer products licensing. RSG Media has recently launched Rights Logic 4.0, which contains five avails engines. The first one is the sales avails engine that allows executives and platforms to search across rights inventory in seconds. The exhibition avail is for the process of programming and scheduling. There is also the on-demand engine for streaming platforms and the compliance engine for business and legal affairs teams. The fifth avails engine addresses the “state” of the asset, answering questions like, where is the asset, what format is the asset in, and is the asset available to be shipped or delivered per the distribution agreement. This is critical information as an asset may need to be localized and that cost needs to be factored into the distribution deal to ensure profitability.  

For Content Rights Management, RSG Rights functions as the brain of the team, handling all the business and legal affairs automatically. The platform streamlines the IP licensing business with higher revenue and lower costs. Machine learning analyzes every campaign opportunity, and it is intuitive enough for everybody to use the technology. 

RSG Audience:  

RSG Audience is a comprehensive platform that combines more than 50 data sources for you to analyze your audience. At the same time, RSG Audience can analyze millions of possible schedule permutations to provide the best possible option for your business 

RSG Advertising:  

RSG Advertising optimizes campaign revenue through prospecting, planning, and log optimization. The simple and clear dashboard is perfect for Account Executives to align the right advertiser with the right platform and program. 

RSG’s technology and industry solutions result in millions of dollars in revenue and allow clients to unlock more opportunities 

For more than 30 years, the world’s leading media & entertainment companies have trusted RSG Media to help them overcome critical technical and business challenges. RSG Media believes in its mission of combining art and science. In the future, RSG Media will continue to innovate and challenge the status quo of the media & entertainment industry so its clients can continue to increase profits and grow the industry.