2024-02-20 RSG Media

Find RSG Media on the Snowflake Marketplace

RSG Media is excited to announce that we are now listed on the Snowflake Marketplace, as a trusted data provider.

Current industry dynamics have accelerated the demand for data sharing and data clean rooms. With innovations in measurement and the underlying technology that enables private, safe, and accurate measurement, media companies can now enable personalized audience insights in a privacy-preserving fashion. In 2023, RSG successfully launched three free and limited trial data listings on Snowflake Marketplace that accumulated over 21K+ queries. In 2024, RSG launched its first paid for listing on the Snowflake Marketplace. The intelligent management of data has always been at the center of RSG Media’s Audience Analytics platform. But in 2024, that is becoming even more important as M&E executives need to make sense of the mountain of data that is available in order to make the most profitable decisions possible.

But how do you go from the raw data to something that is actionable? Below are the 5 key advantages RSG Audience provides:

  1. Data Quality and Cleansing: In the ever-evolving world of Media & Entertainment, data orchestration is key. At RSG Media, we’ve revolutionized the process with our Automated On-The-Fly Data Orchestration Workflows. These are not just tools; they’re game-changers for ingesting, matching, and marrying programming assets across diverse M&E datasets. What’s the result? A streamlined process that scales up data mapping and management, seamlessly fusing title metadata and marrying linear program performance with advertising revenue.
  2. Inventory Management: Dive deep into your portfolio of intellectual property with RSG Media’s robust metadata attributes. Our tools don’t just list your content; they bring it to life with actionable insights, offering unparalleled transparency in your content catalogs. This is where your enterprise gains the edge in understanding and utilizing your IP assets effectively.
  3. Attribution Analysis: Discover what really drives your audience. Our rich program metadata doesn’t just scratch the surface – it delves deep, uncovering the levers influencing viewership and engagement.
  4. Audience Segmentation: It’s time to redefine audience insights. By fusing M&E audience viewership datasets with deep program metadata, RSG Media offers radical, audience-based insights. This is advanced audience segmentation at its best, tailored to decode and cater to viewer preferences like never before.
  5. Machine Learning: Step into the future with RSG Audience’s Deep Program Metadata. Harness the power of machine learning regression models to identify crucial programming traits. Find out what resonates with your network ratings and discover the programming that captivates your audiences.

In a nutshell, RSG Media is not just about data; it’s about transforming data into actionable, insightful strategies.

To see this in action, please take a look at our 4 listings on Snowflake’s Marketplace:

  1. Rich TV Metadata (https://app.snowflake.com/marketplace/listing/GZSOZ262LF/rsg-media-rich-tv-metadata-tv-series-movies-actors-and-id-matching-demo?originTab=provider&providerName=RSG%20Media&profileGlobalName=GZSOZ262LF),
  2. Media Supply Chain – Content Metadata (https://app.snowflake.com/marketplace/listing/GZSOZ262LN/rsg-media-media-supply-chain-content-metadata?originTab=provider&providerName=RSG%20Media&profileGlobalName=GZSOZ262LF),
  3. Advanced TV Audience Insights (https://app.snowflake.com/marketplace/listing/GZSOZ262LR/rsg-media-advanced-tv-audience-insights?originTab=provider&providerName=RSG%20Media&profileGlobalName=GZSOZ262LF)
  4. Building Dynamic Audience Segments & Insights for TV Research(https://app.snowflake.com/marketplace/listing/GZSOZ262M8/rsg-media-rsg-audience-building-dynamic-audience-segments-insights-for-tv-research?originTab=provider&providerName=RSG%20Media&profileGlobalName=GZSOZ262LF).

Let’s connect and explore how these solutions can elevate your media and entertainment ventures to new heights!

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