2021-05-31 RSG Media

RSG Media Announces Four Content & Brand Licensing Rights Avails-Reporting Engines Designed to Power Programmatic Systems and Marketplaces

As Media Business Accelerates, RSG Media meets the demand for hands-free content monetisation with rights avails for Sales, Exhibitions, On Demand Services, and Compliance.

New York – May 31, 2021. RSG Media, a Naviga Company, announced today that, in an industry first, it had launched a suite of avails reporting engines designed to meet the demands of programmatic rights for Sales, Exhibitions, On Demand Services, and Compliance Avails across both content rights and brand licensing for consumer products.

Part of the new RSG Rights v4 offering, these cloud-based microservices are incredibly fast, easy to use, and provide critical information to downstream systems, helping fuel frictionless, automated operations. They also come pre-integrated with RSG Audience’s suite of Al/machine learning tools, providing users and systems with layers of predictive and prescriptive analytics.

The Need for Speed

As the entire media industry accelerates – new mergers and acquisitions, the launch of new streaming services, expansion intonew territories, and the growth in the sheer volume of content – the need to drive friction out of transactions by automating becomes more and more pressing. “Every system at every level is becoming programmatic,” said Mukesh Sehgal, President & GM of RSG Media. “Companies are spending billions acquiring and producing content and need to start earning returns right away.Waiting a day or two, or even a few hours, for some report in order to launch a service or close a deal-it just isn’t an option. People and systems need to know their content and licensing catalogs in real-time and handle them programmatically.”

To meet industry needs, RSG Media has launched four avails reporting engines as part of their new RSG Rights v4. The engines are cloud-based microservices, designed to integrate with programmatic systems.

The Sales Avails engine lets both decision makers and connected systems search across every inventory of acquired, owned, and distributed rights in seconds. Designed for Sales and Sales Systems, it immediately answers the questions “Can I do the deal?” and “What deal can I do?” letting companies close more deals faster. Originallylaunched in 2018, the engine has been upgraded and now includes consumer product licensing information in addition tocontent avails. It is designed to feed programmatic and self-serve content stores, to help automate the buying & selling of long-tail content. Most importantly, it integrates with the RSG Audience system, allowing Sales Teams and Systems to determine the value of any individual asset to a particular customer by predicting how it would impact their ratings vis-a-vis their competitors.

The Exhibitions Avails engine shows what content can be exhibited, where, when, and how. It not only lets users search avails in real-time, it also feeds downstream programming systems such as RSG Media’s Al/MachineLearning driven scheduler, part of RSG Audience 2.0.

The On Demand engine is designed for today’s world of complex digital deals and direct-to-consumer [D2C) services. It handles SVOD, AVOD, FVOD, NVOD, PVOD, TVOD and EST to name a few. Often catchup, clip, stacking, and other digital rights have complex dependencies on linear airings. The On Demand engine uses actual linearairing dates to calculate available non-linear windows. It then feeds the results to downstream programmatic digitalscheduling systems for automated playout.

The Compliance engine goes deeper, answering “what will it take to clear content?” because sometimes something as simple as an expired music clip is all that is in the way of using or selling an asset. It removes the small hurdles to making huge deals, freeing content to enter the sales and exhibition streams.

Each of these engines looks at every deal, both rights in and rights out, as well as content usage, to net out the actual avails in real-time. The moment a deal is updated, they are able to report on the new information, and to feed it to dependent systems.

“It’s a game changer,” continued Mr. Sehgal. “Our clients cannot believe how fast our engines are and how much it helps themautomate. Our new and upgraded reporting engines give clients and their systems the information they need quickly and easily through APls that feed automated programmatic downstream systems. They are automating – reducing the friction of doing business and increasing speed. And, they are ecstatic.”

The suite of Avails addresses industry needs across silos:

For Companies Undergoing M&A they bring together information from every rights system – both content and brandlicensing, without the cost and effort of merging systems.

Sales can now examine rights across every dimension and displays a catalog of available rights windows in a Sales-friendly format, including a Gantt chart style display of available windows.

Programmatic Sales Systems can use the same Sales information to feed automated and self-serve content and licensing storefronts.

Business & Legal Affairs can examine rights compliance across every dimension to protect against infringement claims.

Programming can bring avails information directly into to all downstream scheduling systems, both standard and programmatic.

Casual Users can use intuitive search, making it easy for everyone to ask the right questions.

IT Managers can use the microservices to join multiple rights data sources; gives users and downstream systems a real-time unified view of rights avails.

Enterprises can get the speed and power they need to manage the largest of assets libraries.


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