2021-05-27 RSG Media

RSG Media Debuts Programmatic Participation Solutions

RSG Media’s new solution will manage royalties, revenue sharing and commissions automatically.

Armed with these new programmatic participation tools, content buyers and sellers can scale and speed content to market while actually reducing costs.

“Content companies need an ultra-fast, auditable, SOX compliant method to handle their participation payments,” says Randy Johnson, SVP of Royalties & Participations at RSG Media. “The need it to work quickly, programmatically and without the need for human intervention. Our new modules provide continuity and consistency, and it completely removes the friction of manual processing.

The new Programmatic Participations is the latest module in RSG Media’s RSG Rights v.4, which debuted in January.

The module allows RSG Media’s clients to automatically ingest information or send participations reports.

“The real genius happens when two of our clients are exchanging information between each other and the network effect kicks in,” added RSG Media’s President and GM Mukesh Sehgal. “We have built-in validations, so the exchange becomes entirely seamless, eliminating all discrepancies automatically. It is truly programmatic.”